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Introducing the Warre Hive by Modularbox.

Originally called the "People's Hive", the Warre Hive embodies the less intrusive beekeeping philosophy of its creator, Emile Warre.

Warre Hives are vertical top bar hives that promote the natural hive building behavior of bees. They are easy to maintain, easily expanded to accommodate a growing hive, and, promote less disruptive interaction between beekeeper and beehive. Architecturally beautiful Warre Hives have a small footprint suitable for even the smallest urban garden. Warre Hives are the perfect hive for the backyard beekeeper.

Our system includes all the hive components needed to begin enjoying this fascinating hobby in a manner that is both aesthetically and functionally satisfying.

Warre Hives by Modularbox are the result of our own backyard beekeeping. We hope you will enjoy yours as much as we do ours.


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